Michael - The Master Edition Straight Razor Kit

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This straight razor shaving kit was curated with the best shaving supplies. We wanted to ensure that we offered that old school nostalgia with true barber shop precision. Our straight razor comes shave ready, but as it's one solid blade you may want to pickup a strop if you do not already have one. We included your choice of a black or white handle boar's hair shave brush which is silky smooth and whips an impeccable lather. The shave soap itself is truly magnificent.  Among our shaving supplies, it's a top seller in its own right.  The soap is nourishing and refreshing to the skin, provides the user with the ability to mix the lather to their own preference to give just the right lubricant of the skin so that the straight razor can slide across cutting the hair perfectly without damaging the skin itself.  The mango wood shave bowl is great to mix the lather in, and it also comes with the option of engraving the lid with monogrammed initials.

We do carry a selection of replacement razor blades, and shave soaps when you do run low.  If you are unsure how to best use the straight razor, we have some video tutorials in our FAQ section if you were to navigate the About Us menu option.  In there we also have information about Returns, Terms and a quite a bit more.  Remember if you have decided to have your items engraved to fill out the forms with the right information for us.  On checkout, there will be a comments section so we ask you to fill that out if you have any special requests, timeline requests and things of that nature.  Without engraving our production time typically runs up to 5 days and with engraving about 8 days.


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