Jasper - Timeless Groomsmen Straight Razor Kit to keep you looking sharp for years to come

We really wanted to create a daily use straight razor kit, so we came up with the Jasper.   We've scoured the world for the highest quality materials, the best razor blade for our premium barbershop-style straight razors.  When it comes to straight razor shaving the right weight, balance, and design is crucial for that perfect shave.  We are introducing the Jasper Straight Razor Kit. We are proud to put the best straight razor you can get in the wet shaving market in your hands.  The Jasper barbershop-style straight razor kit has our stainless steel straight razor which is sure to please.  It can be personalized with engraving on the handle. In many instances, people choose Initials, their name, or company insignia. We've accompanied this amazing straight razor with our elegant KC Shave Co. shave brush.  It's got the right weight balance so it feels natural but the black center with the metal base really lets it pop.  We have been working with our engraving team so that we can now do engraving on the base of this razor for that personalized touch.

The best shaving kit would not be complete without our masterfully crafted skin nourishing Polished Mahogany or Vanilla Bean Bourbon. Once you trade out the aerosol gel or foam for real shave soap and create that perfect lather with that manly aroma you'll be hooked. When it comes to shaving sets for men, it's really hard to top the elegance and precision of the Jasper shave kit. Our Kits make a wonderful Groomsmen Gift because they are customizable, but more importantly practical and pragmatic. This kit is something almost any man can and will use, and will instantly add to the fun and manliness of wet shaving.  It doesn't matter if they clean shave, need sharp lines around a mustache or line-up their beards.  The Jasper barbershop-style razor expertly handles all of those needs.

We do ask that you remember to use the form at checkout to tell us what you'd like to engrave if you select that option.  The best men's shaving kit does include a package of replacement razor blades. Our standard production time for non-engraved items is two to three business days. Our production time for engraved items runs three to five business days. If you have any questions about any of the products or need advice or a suggestion please submit a contact form or reach out to us on social media!  We love chatting with you and answering your questions. If you are unsure how you would your product engraved you can now check out our FAQ article here Engraving Options Explained.

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