Carson - The Simple & Straightforward Straight Razor Kit

This premium men's shaving shavette straight razor kit is created with some of the best pieces on the market today.  After scouring the world, and using hundreds of years of research into the best way to shave we have crafted the Carson.  When it comes to using a straight razor, a lot of the nuance is in the weight of the blade and the balance in design to allow the razor to do all the work leaving behind a perfectly smooth face.  With the Carson, we are very proud to put our top selling KC Shave Co. shavette straight razor in your hands for the best wet shave of your life. Naturally, with the best straight razor, you will need an expertly crafted KC Shave Co. signature shave brush.  We have a few scents to choose from and each will blow your mind in their own way.  Whether it be the richness and macho aroma of the mahogany, the masculinity of the Vanilla Bean Bourbon.

The best men's shaving kit does include 5 replacement razor blades.  Our standard production time for non-engraved items is two to three business days.  Our production time for engraved items runs three to five business days. If you have any questions about any of the products or need advice or a suggestion please submit a contact form or reach out to us on social media!  We love chatting with you and answering your questions. If you are unsure how you would your product engraved you can now check out our FAQ article here Engraving Options Explained.

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