Our Story


Our story and the founding of this company all started with one of our founders Joe Henderson pestering his buddy Mike Knopke about going to the barbershop. Mike is notoriously clean shaved and a tight clean-cut hairstyle. Joe keeps a longer beard and stylish barbershop hairstyle. Joe would regularly encourage Mike to go visit his barber because they would frequently commiserate about the frustrations over shaving. 

Joe would get a hot towel straight razor shave from his barber and desperately wanted Mike to have that same experience. The experience itself was one of no irritation, no cartridges to buy, no gimmick to beholden to. Once he had, it was clear to Mike that these two serial entrepreneurs needed to find a way to share this experience with every man with a face. It took several months for them to get our first products ready and our first stores open but after 2 years we are sending products all around the globe and working with big-box retailers to bring the best experience right home with you.