Thomas - Signature Shave Ready Straight Razor Kit

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When you want the real deal best of the class razors, this is what you go and get.  This is a true straight razor that comes shave ready in a kit that will have you shaving that night.  We created the Thomas with a classic and timeless experience in mind to bring back yesteryear when men were men and shaving was done right. In this impeccable shaving kit, you will obviously get our straight razor, but you will also get our signature shaving brush.  This will come in handy when you open up the shave soap which will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.  Warm up the water, get your brush wet and start to mix up the lather to just the right consistency for you.

We do also like to engrave our razors with your name.  Few things in life are as personal as the relationship we men form with our razors.  If you want to have it engraved please check the box and give us the pertinent information as appropriate. If you are unsure how you would your product engraved you can now check out our FAQ article here Engraving Options Explained. We've included a few tutorial videos in our FAQ section as well.

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