Posted on by Joe Henderson

Every year there is an ongoing struggle as to what to get the wonderful man in your life for Valentine's Day.  We know he is going to go all-out to remind you that you are his Queen but sometimes it is nice to let him know that he is still your King.  We have put together a list of things we recommend you take a look at for Valentine's Day this year.

1. Thomas Straight Razor Kit.  Yes, we are going to plug our own product here because it has proven to be immensely popular specifically with engraving endearing names and phrases on the blade itself.

2. The Nora anti-snoring solution. We know that our ladies don't love that we snore and solving the problem can prove to be difficult.  This product has a lot of traction including Oprah's list of favorite things.

3.  The Ugg 'Ascot' Leather house slipper.  It's a bit of a luxury product, but one he'll get a ton of use out of.

4. Dango Tactical EDC Wallet.  What's not to love?  It's definitely macho, useful, and resourceful and he can use it every single day.

5. Human Skull Fireplace Logs.  It's a bit dark, but if you have a man who loves a firepit then there is a good likelihood he might dig this. 


6. Scentbird Monthly Cologne Subscription Box. If you like him to switch up his scents and to try the top end cologne this is the perfect gift idea.

7. offers a personalized Tomahawk ax in 2 styles.  Really, which guy doesn't want a razor-sharp tomahawk with his name on it?