Posted on by Joe Henderson

With all business ventures you can approach every thing from a million angles. When we were sketching out this project we had talked about different approaches that could be taken. We knew immediately that this company would be about the experience. We view our whole company from the end user's point of view. Maybe it's the web developer in me, but the packaging, the products themselves, the naming conventions, the website. All of it has to be about you. If it's not, we're not doing it right.

The right product. That's what we strive to sell you. It's not going to be the same for most people, right? Not our highest margin. Not our lowest margin. We don't factor money in really. It's about your habits, your tastes, your likes and dislikes. What product will you use time and again? When you go to shave or trim the beard, what product will you enjoy using the most? That's what I want to put in your hand. That's our thing. Quality matters to us. Getting it right matters to us.

The experience of finding and getting the right items is important, but do you know what else is equally important? I actually just blogged about this. Packaging. I hate cheap packaging with a burning passion. Why? Because it's lazy. You get up and work your tails off and when you decide to buy something nice that's going to be for you, you deserve to get something that feels right and has an experience to it. The choice for us was simple. Upcycled cigar boxes. I love the uniqueness of each box. I love that we're able to use the creativity of the cigar makers to add that bit of personality to each box and have a touch of subtle sophistication. We put the fuzz in there to help keep everything safe, but also because it looks great and the items sit nicely on there.

My wife bought a dress on Amazon I think which came from China. It was in a letter sized envelope. It was air compressed into a hockey puck. What was the user experience? I struggle to imagine a scenario that would be worse. Do you know how wrinkled it was and how long it took to unravel? It was dumb. Like all companies, we could go the cheap route. We could toss the products into the cheapest thing possible and mail it to you the cheapest way but I refuse to send you a hockey puck experience. I won't do it. Angers me just thinking about it.

We try to respond as quickly as possible to inquiries and we absolutely love it when you post pictures with your stuff. We put a lot of effort into this and when you post it makes it worth it. We did the Chick Events thing at Town Center in Leawood, KS about a month ago. The most fun I've had aside from my wedding this year. The electricity of putting these products in peoples hands and hearing stories. It's funny because so many people have stories about their father or grandfather using a safety or straight razor. We genuinely enjoy it. I could sit and talk about this all day long. When you see someone's face light up when they open your box, there isn't really anything quite like it. That tells me we are accomplishing our objective of providing a wonderful experience.

I will close in talking about the most asked about things. I bet we get asked about opening a storefront 100 times a month. We get asked about wholesale/retail equally as often. We have a ton of opportunities to explore, but I wanted to talk about it because this is important. Whatever decisions we make it will be with our signature goal in mind. Will the user have a great experience? If not, we won't be doing it until we can be confident that the products and experience will meet our standards. We won't rush, we won't be hasty. KC Shave Co. has some things still coming this year, and I think next year we're going to really kick down some doors but we'll get to that then. Find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We're social, come join us!