Posted on by Joe Henderson

It's a question I am sure many people have asked themselves after seeing our line-up of premium shave or beard supplies.  It's cool, but why is this better than what I've been using or than he has been using?  That's a fantastic question, and really the most important question.  There is no real point in purchasing something simply because it's cool if it's not practical or an upgrade, right?

Let's start with shaving supplies because it's a bit more intuitive as we've all been using some type of razor of years already.  The first difference you'll notice when you pick up one of our safety razors or straight razors is the weight and balance of it.  It's not made out of throw away cheap material. The reason is that we don't want you to buy it and throw it away in a few weeks or a few months.  The idea is that you should get some solid life out of it and change the blades often which are inexpensive.  The second thing you are likely to notice is that it our razors don't come with numerous blades cutting the same place on each pass like you'll see on a cartridge.  The reason is fairly simple, on cheap blades like you'll find in cartridge razors, after a few passes the top blade or two will dull and snag hairs and pull them as you glide it over your skin allowing the back couple to cut the hair that's been pulled.  The problem is that in addition to taking layers of skin off, you are also cutting a hair that is going to retract under the skin which causes ingrown hairs and razor burn among other things.  With a single premium blade, you make small strokes one time.  Cut the hair clean, and you don't take the skin with it.  This is why barbers shave with straight razors and are always the best. So, it doesn't matter if you have a cartridge of two blades or ten blades or if they'll run a funny commercial and mail them to your home, you still have the same result.  It's just how much you are willing to pay for a bad shave?

We've all experienced the foam and probably after that we graduated with big marketing to the gel in a can, right?  The reason we do shave soap and with a lather brush isn't because it looks cool, which is does.  It's because we can use natural ingredients and mix up our own lather to our own preference.  Some guys prefer a thicker lather while some like a more wet runny lather.  In the gels and foams, you will get a heavy concentration of chemicals you probably cannot pronounce which have a tendency to strip the skin of nutrients and cause damage to it with each shave.  With a shave soap, you get a better smell, a custom lather, and it's going to treat your skin instead of strip it.  Again, when was the last time you went to a barber and the broke out a aerosol can of foam?

Now the beard care products are a bit more interesting.  We'll do a video soon on a lot of this.  Many of us guys have taken to growing a beard because it's 2016 and why not?  Most of us are becoming increasingly aware that there are things you can put on the beard to make it more comfortable and attractive, but find it confusing in what to use or how to use it.

Recently, a former colleague of mine was talking with me about his beard itch and that it felt really dry.  I brought him a bottle of our beard oil and had him take a couple drops, rub it in his hands so it's even spread out and then apply to the beard by kind of rubbing it in and then combing through it.  Immediately, he had a big smile on his face and was like, "that's incredible." Now, don't get me wrong, it's not a miracle being worked.  It's kind of like when your hands get so dry they start to crack and bleed and you put good quality lotion on them and feel that immediate hydration and relief.  Similar thing.  It hydrates the face, adds needed oil to the hair and gives the skin the moisture it's been needing.  It also softens the hairs, and interestingly brings out the various colors in the beard which usually turns out pretty nice.

The other major product that I like to introduce people to is the beard balm.  Use the back of your thumb nail and get a little dime sized ball to work with.  As soon as you start rubbing it in your hands it turns into a liquid wax.  Apply it similarly to the beard.  You'll notice it is a matte finish but offers some control the beard oil doesn't give you.  It will help hydrate the hair as well, but I like it over the top of my beard oil to control the fly away hairs that my curly beard has.

Now, we have a bigger variety of products all of which serve a purpose.  If you have sensitive skin and are still experiencing some razor burn, there is pre-shave and after-shave to help with that.  If you are like me and constantly spill food in your beard, beard wash or beard shampoo will come in handy. 

At the end of the day, you want your face to be clean, hydrated and healthy, and to look good with whatever facial hair you so choose.  We've made it our work to ensure you get the right tools and supplies to do that the right way.  We will be working on getting some new videos made walking through how to use different products and maybe do some live video on Instagram or Facebook to answer questions.  If you have products you are looking for that we don't offer, shoot us an email.  We'll see what we can do to make that a reality for you.  For us, KC Shave Co. is for you, the guy who knows there is a better way and doesn't want to be gouged to death to find it.  Good products at reasonable prices.