KC Shave Co Unique Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

August 04, 2016

KC Shave Co Unique Groomsmen Gifts and Ideas

As peak wedding season is still among us, we have decided to write about KC Shave Co's unique groomsmen gifts and why they make the best gift to thank the loyal men who serve on your wedding day.

 We started KC Shave Co to spread the joy of wet shaving to all men.  For those who have never used this style of shaving to the veterans who have been wet shaving for years.  When we set out to start the business we certainly didn't intend for our kits to be sold as unique groomsmen gifts for your special day.  It kind of just happened and the demand for them took off. Being the astute owners we are we listened to the market and created a special section for groomsmen gifts on our site. 

These unique groomsmen gifts serve as the best thank you gift for your groomsmen.  I myself have been in several weddings and have a drawer full of personalized flasks and traditional groomsmen gifts that I've probably only used once or twice.  Why not give him a personalized shaving kit that he can use every single day.  We even offer penalization of the razors and shave bowls for to make it unique to the individual groomsman.

Our top selling groomsmen gift sets are The Leonardo, The Godfather, and The Adam.


The Leonardo:


 This handsome kit comes in an up cycled cigar box with a Parker 111B which can be personalized as seen in the picture above, choice of shave soap and a boar bristle shaving brush.  This is the perfect gift for any man with a face.  The shave isn't overly aggressive yet provides a fantastic shave and a great shaving experience. 


The Godfather:

Large definitive shaving kit collection from KC Shave Co

 Similar to the Leonardo this is a safety razor kit that is packaged in an up cycled cigar box and comes with a Parker 99R, black mango shave bowl, choice of soap and a boar bristle shaving brush.  This shaving kit can be personalized on the lid of the shave bowl.

Last but not least is The Adam:

The Adam is a great kit for someone who is wanting to get the amazing shave of a straight razor without all the maintenance of sharpening and honing a straight razor.  This kit comes with a Parker SRW shavette straight razor, choice of soap, a boar bristle shave brush and 5 spare blades.  


In addition to the top notch high quality products that come in each kit.  We went that extra step and decided to package all of our kits in an actual up cycled cigar box.  This extra special touch truly creates a unique groomsmen gift that he will cherish for years to come.  


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