Posted on by Joe Henderson

We believe that if we are going to make a claim, we should make it up for the information we are working with. Here is how we broke down different shaving options by brand, by cartridges per pack and by price assuming you can get 5 shaves per razor blade or cartridge.



We are saying if you had purchased the Donald shave kit for $50 it will come with a pack of 10 blades.  You can readily find double-edged razor blades in 100 packs for under $10 on Amazon.  Each razor should get 5 shaves out of it according to the reviews on the product.  Meaning, the 110 razors should offer 550 shaves which is about a year and a half worth of shaving for $60 and then it also includes a boars hair brush and a shave soap.  If you look at it strictly for the next 365 days you could shave every single day for what would work out to be $0.16 per shave.  If you did all 550 shaves, it's actually about 11 cents per shave.  Each additional year, however, you already have the handle, brush, and soap so you would buy only blades.  That cuts down to almost 3 cents per shave in that following year.


We looked at the Mach3 10 pack of blades (assuming you already have a handle to give them every advantage) and the best price we found was $20 for that pack.  50 shaves for $20.  You would need 7.3 packs of cartridges to shave every day for the year so you'd have to buy 8.  This would run $160 and work out to $0.40 per shave to shave every day.



Harry's was actually very similar to Mach3.  They offer 8 cartridges per pack for $16 which means you have to buy 10 packs for the year which also works out to $160 and $0.40 cents per shave.



Dollar Shave Club offers the 4 blade razor at $1 for the first month and $6 for every additional month and they give you 4 cartridges at a time.  $67 for the first year for 48 cartridges that should get you 240 shaves.  If you want to shave every day without what would seem to be overusing a cartridge you'd need a 2nd subscription.  You'd end up spending somewhere around $134 the first year and $144 each year after which works out to 36 cents per shave in year 1 and 39 cents per shave each additional year.  Or you can overuse a blade or miss days.

We are stating 5 shaves per razor blade or cartridge based on the many reviews people have left on what they actually get out of them.  We do not claim this number to be a scientific fact and we realize each person's needs and hair is different.  We use the solid 5 shaves per razor as a hard line to allow us to compare and contrast applying the same rules to all options.  Results obviously subject to change and we are also confident prices change, deals and promotions are run so these numbers could fluctuate.  When we did the research on this today, this was the best deals we were finding on what we felt were comparable products even though they are not offering brushes or soaps.

No matter how you really want to do the math on this, our shaving kits per shave and year over year and substantially less expensive than these other guys.  We offer a higher quality product at a price that's affordable to get started with and razors inexpensive enough to stick with.  We offer the lifetime warranty on our handles, stands, and brushes because we believe you should stand for what you make.  I have yet to see one of these other companies stand behind their products the same way.