Common Shaving Problems - SOLVED

July 10, 2018

Shave Irritation

Whether you are a clean-shaven guy, like to sport a full beard, or you're somewhere in-between, odds are that you've experienced shaving problems at some point. We've made a list of some common problems associated with shaving and provided our suggestions below.

Problem: I get ingrown hairs after shaving.

Suggestion: Make sure you're using a sharp razor, exfoliating before, and moisturizing after (and regularly). If your skin is dry, it’s easy to get ingrowns and clogged pores if you don’t take proper care of your skin. If your blade is dull (which happens a lot with multi-blade razors), it will pull your skin and cut your hair too closely. Then the hair can grow back into your skin, which is what an ingrown hair is. Conversely, if your razor is too aggressive, it can cause problems too. Try to shave in as few passes as possible to prevent this from happening and use aftershave oil to nourish and protect the skin post-shave. 

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Problem: I get razor burn.

Suggestion: This is usually caused by a blunt blade and dry skin. You can avoid razor burn by softening your skin beforehand - we recommend taking a shower or using pre-shave oil in addition to shaving with a sharp blade. 

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Problem: I cut myself shaving from time to time.

Suggestion: Typically, this problem is due to a dull blade or too sharp of a blade. Cuts can also be a result of applying too much pressure when shaving - this causes the blade to cut your skin rather than just the hair. Be mindful of your technique when shaving and change out your blades regularly. Our safety razors rely on the weight of the handle to provide a close shave, where cheap razors rely on you to apply pressure to your face.

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Problem: I shave my neck using three passes, but it pulls horribly when I shave against the grain.

Suggestion: There are two possible sources of the problem. The hair may not be short enough before shaving against the grain on your third pass, so the blade is unable to cut through it and it pulls. The other issue may be that your blade isn’t sharp enough, so it may be time to replace the blade. If you notice that this is a consistent problem even with a fresh blade, try using a different brand.

Pulling is a common problem when using multi-blade razors. Since the first and second blades cut your facial hair first, they dull quickly and tend to pull your skin. If this is the case, you can try a safety razor: it has just one blade, so if you experience pulling, it's definitely time to switch out the blade. 

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We hope these suggestions are helpful as you embark on the journey of finding the perfect shave!

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