Posted on by Mike Knopke

Christmas is right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about what gifts to give the men in your life.  We all know men are hard to shop for and typically already have everything.  

So what are the options?  Well, you can go the boring traditional route and give him a tie or pair of socks.Wow nothing says "I love you" more than a pair of socks!  Or you can elevate your gift giving game just a little and give him a Christmas Gift of a BBQ tool set for his grille or maybe a bottle of his favorite bourbon.  But lets be honest.  How many times have you already given him a BBQ tool set and why would you want to give him a bottle of bourbon when you know he is going to drink it up and completely forget the fact that you gave him a bottle of bourbon for his Christmas Gift?

So why not take your man's Christmas Gift giving to a whole new level?  Buy him a gift he will absolutely love and cherish for years to come. Buy him an engraved straight razor kit or safety razor kit.  Or if he is nervous about using a straight razor or safety razor, buy him a nice Mach 3 style Parker 111M3 and engrave it with his name or initials. You can add the engraving option on most of our products to add that special personalized touch.

Not only will he love this unique Christmas Gift but he will actually use it daily for years to come.